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Monday, December 5, 2005


So I know haven’t posted a blog in what feels like forever.... but I have been really busy...
Thanksgiving was really nice. Jose and I cooked and our families all got together and we had a nice sit down meal :) I love cooking for our families nothing is more gratifying....

No I did not make you click on a page other than myspace for nothing.... heavens no....

You want the news you go :)

Last night: December 4, 2005 Jose Luis Beltran asked me to marry him!!! We were at Disneyland and right as we were leaving Jose got down on one knee ( I thought he tripped) told me he loved me and asked me to marry him!!! When he got up from his knee he was kneeling on.... there was a brick inscribed "Jose and Olivia Beltran"

I started to cry and kept asking "are you freakin’ kidding me??!!!"" After freaking out and crying I said yes and put on my ring :) a perfect fit!!! And as we stood there in front of the Disney entrance we hugged and kissed and then.... the best part.... the theme song to Star Wars played lol. I kept telling him we needed to have someone take our picture but he didn't want to get strangers we took a picture ourselves with a disposable camera we had been carrying around.... so there you have it we are now engaged!!! I still can't believe it :)

Thanks to all of those who have loved and supported us all these years. We love you!!! But I have to say thank you to two special ladies:

To Courtney: I should kick your little butt!! You knew all this time and didn't say a word! I'm glad you didn't.... but jealous all the same. Thanks for going shopping with Jose :) We love you and miss you and can't wait for you to come home!! You hold a special place our hearts!!

To Kristen: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Jose told me how much you helped with the whole process. You are too sweet! I'm so glad we have someone like you in our lives :) P.S. You do deserve more than a shot gun wedding in Vegas.... but I would have gladly let you run off with my man!! Just as long as you bring him back to me the same way you took him lol.

***a special thanks from Jose:
"farewell to all the girls I've loved before...."

Well ladies and gentlemen.... We have now begun the crazy life we call engagement. Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Jose Beltran.... We will keep you on the up and up and fill you in on things as they come up.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Ya Much!!!

P.S. If you want to check out our brick and you're in the Disneyland hood... Our brick is just outside the entrance Section C11 brick number 110. As a cast member if you want to find it... they can help you.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

What's Up?
I have so many pictures that I want to post but Jose can't find the cable... so you'll just have to wait on those....

I have been sooo busy lately and no time to blog...sorry...but I ditched school today so I guess I have new found time :)

Halloween sucked big time!!! Jose and I were supposed to go to Hollywood but when I walked in the house he was asleep on the floor... not dressed and wasn't going to get up.... I was soooo let down. Everyone knows I LOVE Halloween... We had a big ol' fight for a few days after that and now were are peachy keen. He made it up to me by taking me out :)

School going well. I'm kinda over the commuting and getting up early to fight traffic.... it's my hump week... every semester I have to fight with myself toward the end and force myself to get up and go to school.... a few semesters I wasn't always successful and ended up dropping class... but I am committed and will go to school.

Work is okay... I've had to learn to humble myself at work in so many ways... If you know me the least bit... you know that I always have to be the best at anything I do and I almost always know what I'm talking about... :) so it's hard for me to bite my tongue... let's just say I'm learning to bite my tongue and things have been going better. I've learned that I don't always need to prove my point... and that people will find things out for themselves if you leave them alone... tee hee hee!

Last Friday I had a mini high school reunion :) It was soooo much fun I got to catch up with a few people I haven't seen since high school. We left the homecoming game and went to CPK for drinks and food... It's funny because everyone is so grown and doing grwon things... I mean I know I am too... but I just didn't really realize it until now...
Tyree, Nino, Lindsey, Me, Jose, Josue and Robert and Alicia were the ones that hooked up all thanks to myspace lol. It funny because when I left high school I fell off the planet and didn't talk to anyone... I was over high school and all the drama that goes with I want to talk to everyone and catch up and hang out. So needless to say... I'm glad we got to hook up and catch up and I hope to do it more often!

Thanksgiving is coming up! I can't wait! I'm gunna cook and have the family and friends over... I love it... so so long as everyone gets along... we shall see :)
sorry for the long blog... I'll try to update more often and post those pics asap.

Love Ya Much!
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Rain, Rain go away....
So I get up early as always for school and walk through the dark street and turn on the car.... I drive down to SMC beach parking lot and it starts to rain. I have my dance clothes on and a poor excuse for a hoodie (made of breathable athletic fabric. Fancy for really thin just to hide the bare skin not to keep warm) and sandals on... I finally make it to my class and there on the door Class canceled! I was so sad and mad as well. I could be sleeping in...warm in my bed... but instead I'm in the computer lab in the business building because nothing else is open.... I am so over the gloomy weather. Where in the world is the sun?

In other news... I am doing well. Jose is now in love with Pink's (you know the hot dog stand in Hollywood) So our date for Friday night we drove to Pinks and ate and I slept all the way back home... lol. I was really tired and had a long day... Since has his new fancy car we are going to be doing a lot of driving and cheap dates. I really don't mind. I just love spending time with him... especially since we are both really busy...

Sat. I had to work and then I went out with a few friends for Kristen's birthday. It was fun. I got to see people I used to work with and Carrie had me laughing so hard my face was hurting.

Sunday I slept all day and then had to go to work for like 45 mins to open and cover for Courtney. Then to Ikea :) I love that place. I just want to buy everything.

This Friday should be fun. A group of people from 2001 are meeting up for the Leuzinger H.S. Football game. I haven't been back to Leuhouse in a long time. and it'll be nice to see old faces.
Funny I say old like it was so long ago.... 4 years to be exact... but it feels like forever. I'm better off not seeing some But luck for me I don't think those people will be there. and even if they are... I'm so over all the crap that went down. So no sweat off of my back if I see them.

Well I hope everyone stays warm and dry. Let's pray for better weather and thank God for the Time change coming up this Sunday!!!!! YAYAY one hour of extra sleep!!!

Love Ya Much!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Jose!
Okay so I'm a day late... but it's the thought that counts...

Things have been going well. I finally feel like I am doin better in school and work is starting to smooth out. More importantly Jose and I have been doing great. I finally realized the reason we were fighting was due to my lack of communication and I was feeling a little jelous.... but I am so over that and we have moved on. Thank the Lord!

So on Sunday night Jose and I drove jen and breanna home (they live in the OC ) and on our way home we saw an accident.... we were sitting at a red light when this car drove through a red light and hit an SUV. Jose pulled over and this lady gets out of the SUV... she's 5 months pregnant! Then 3 men from the other car get out and start to run from the scene...
this man chases them as I frantically call 911 (I was on hold if you can believe it!) I make the lady sit in Jose's car while we wait for help and the couple is a wreck... the police finally show up and the lady was taken to the hospital. I hope she's ok! The husband said they were trying for 10 years to have a baby! Everyone else was fine. Jose and I were shaken up as we had just missed being hit.

It's starting to rain again and I am sick... hopefully the rain will not last long! I'm proud of myself cause I've been driving in the rain :)

Sorry for not updating sooner... I've been really super busy.

Love Ya Much!
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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Word to yo mama

Your challenge is to convince someone of a new, expansive idea. The biggest point of conflict stems from the fact that the person you are wrestling with is very nervous about deviating from the norm. Use your charm and confidence to prevail.

All I have to say is dang this is sooooo true. There's theis girl at work that nobody likes... I feel bad for her... she has this need to be in control and be in charge of everyone and everything. She really doesn't deal with people well. I try to let it run off my back but it kills me to see the way she treat others and I will not take her crap...
The sad part is she has no friends or family in California... At first I was going to try and befriend her... but now.... I dunno.
She's a butt kisser and is not nice at times....

Anyway... on a better note: Jose got a car!!! That's right a brand spankin new Honda Element! Lucky him! My car is crap and isn't working. I'm working on getting a new used car.

Life has been okay I guess. Nothing exciting. School is getting really hard and I'm having a hard time making myself sit down and study and do my homework...

Off to a party :) I'll check in again soon

Love Ya Much!

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